About Us

Inspired by the beautiful beaches of Brazil. ViaBeach shoes combines beauty, simplicity and comfort to bring you a collection that is sure to spoil your feet. Slip into a pair of ViaBeach and experience the essence of summer fun, beautiful beaches and rolling waves…

No matter where you are!

With a strong focus on style, ViaBeach prides itself on being a range that has something for everyone. Whether you are a fan of dainty diamonds and elegant straps or bright, vibrant fruity flip-flops; ViaBeach has a pair just for you. Make no mistake that a pair of ViaBeach is a first class ticket from wherever you may be to instantly burying your toes in the sand and feeling the breeze off the rolling waves.

ViaBeach is a proud part of the Dangee Carken family, focussed on the latest summer trends.